Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Two... Sea World

Here we are at Sea World. Seth's really happy to be here, he just smiles on the inside...
Here's Trent, clearly he smiles inside, outside and everywhere in between. He's gotta be top 5 cutest kids ever. ;)

Yikes! Walking through the glass tunnel in Shark encounter is a little unnerving. You can't help but get that one theme song running through your head. How does is go? Oh yeah. Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo... You get the scenario.

Here we are clearly sitting out of the "Splash Zone" at the Shamu show. (Drew moved down after this because he wanted to get wet) Apparently Shamu doesn't read very well because we did get very wet. "Trent was pissed!" that's a quote from Cam. He was just falling asleep and got splashed, not a happy camper!

How fun would that job be?

Here's Drew happily in the "Splash Zone." I'm not sure how much water he's able to deflect with his little hands, but he's sure trying hard!

Somebody should tell this whale that he weighs almost 10,000 pounds and there's no reason he should be able to get himself that far out of the water...

In the background of this picture there are (count 'em) 5 killer whales. That is so amazing and awesome to me. They are humongous, but so beautiful and graceful. I LOVE getting to see the whales. Drew was a little disheartened thinking that they had been "kidnapped" from their home in the ocean just to come and "make money" for people. I explained to him that these whales were born here at Sea World and don't know how to find food for themselves, so they would probably die in the ocean. (that's true right?) I just didn't want it to ruin his day.

It's tough being this cool, but Taylor makes it look easy.
Tune in next week for: Disneyland the Happiest ( most hellacious) place on earth...

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AJ said...

I'm impressed you're already blogging your trip! Looks like you had a great time!