Monday, November 3, 2008

Corn Maze

Clint and Adrienne gave us passes to the corn maze for Taylor's birthday and we had a blast! Literally! We had to check out the pumpkin cannon of course and Taylor was the first one ever to hit the target. It was an awesome shot! Drew just looked scary behind a cannon!!

Who needs to hire someone to do their family portraits?!

We navigated pretty quickly through the corn maze thanks to Seth, I think he must have been an indian tracker in his former life...

Taylor's Birthday...better late than never!

Kelsi was quite excited about her new backpack... Sorry this was so long in coming but here are pics of T's birthday. We spent Saturday afternoon at a bowling alley doing cosmic bowling, thus the not-so-great pictures. We didn't think about that before we decided to do the party in the dark, but the kids loved it and that's the point really. Taylor had a few friends from school and then his cousins came with my parents. Clint and Payton joined us at the end after her volleyball game so that worked out. On Sunday we went over to Seth's mom and dad's in Berthoud and celebrated Taylor and Kelsi's birthdays. Her's is on the 25th so we've always done theirs together, well since Kels was 6 anyway! Taylor's grandparents all pitched in and got him a new bike (shocks, .... Lucky!) So he was quite excited because I had him convinced that it probably wasn't going to happen because the bike he had picked out was a little expensive. I know, I'm so mean. You will also get to experience the Clymer family's rendition of "Happy Birthday" ENJOY!