Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Chicken

So Saturday we had a small get-together to celebrate the passing of Seth's 20's... This gorgeous cake was provided by the mother of the birthday boy. Mom Deb Clymer. Thanks it was delicious!!
I actually cut his hair earlier on Saturday and didn't notice any receding, so that was good. ;)
Here he is with Matt and Jon, Jon no doubt is in the middle of a great story!

My darling Jennifer (Zelenko) Stoner was down from Montana for the weekend and was able to stop by and show off her gorgeous baby 8 month old Eliana. Jenny didn't get much chance to hold her own child throughout the evening. She's being held here by my mother(talking to my sis-in-law Adrienne) who happens to love babies, especially the girl kind, as our family seems to be in short supply...

Here is me and the mother of Eliana! The artist formerly known as Jenny. I love you Shoo!
So it was a great party, somewhat small as Seth is not a big fan of the spotlight so we compromised in numbers. Here's a little fun fact for you, as Seth turned the big 3-0 it marked the time when him and I have officially been together more than half our lives... I can't wait to spend 60 more with him, he's all I ever dreamed of for a husband, father and friend. I love you babe!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Birthday Celebration

The Clymer family has tons of birthdays in February, March and April so Poppy Bill and Grandma Marge took us all our for breakfast in Cheyenne followed by some play time in the park. We don't sit still for long periods of time very well so we needed to get out some energy after breakfast.

Not a great pic of us, but whatever it works ;)

Grandma Debbie decided in order to get serious about kickball she was going to need to remove her shoes.

Kelsi and Darci started out with some relaxing swinging until Seth gave them "underdogs" then they chickened out and got off.

We got a pretty competitive game of kickball going which might have disturbed a local hobo just trying to get a good nap in at the park. (Out of respect there is no photo of the hobo)

Without even trying we broke all of the playground rules. Way to go Clymers, you never disappoint!!!

Taylor and Drew waiting patiently while we decide what to do next...

Seth and Poppy Bill, check out the stance. Genetic?

Kelsi lovin her Grandma!

Drew's Baptism

Drew was baptized on February 28th . He looked so handsome and grown up in his new suit.
Ahhhh.... so cute in white, looks so innocent. And for a moment he really was!

Of course Grandpa Jay was more than happy to oblige Drew in his request that he be baptized by his Grandpa.
While we were all still clean and smiling, we thought we'd snap a family portrait... Didn't notice the lovely dumpster in the back til later, bummer...

It was so much fun watching Drew learn about and gain the desire to be baptized. Despite Drew's ornriness, he has a deep seated love for his Savior and a testimony of the gospel that makes me very proud. He had a glow about him that day that I hope will stay with him always.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Puppy Love...Meet Claire

For those of you who haven't met our new "baby", let me introduce you to Claire, our Blue Tick Beagle. She is a little over 3 months old and the cutest puppy we've ever seen for about 5 years.
She was born with ears that she will need to grow into, but for now tilting her head to the side with said ears has been known to get her out of a lot of trouble.

The boys are head over heels in love with her, except when it's time to clean up the land mines she leaves around the house. Yes, the potty training has been a challenge to say the least.

But, she is the sweetest and snuggliest thing you've ever seen when she decides to leave Chloe (our lab) alone for a few minutes.

It has been fun to see the "hound" in her. She has the funniest hound dog howl that absolutely cracks us up.

Drew and Claire are really good buds and he seems to be able to calm her down when no one else can. So there's Claire!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drew's birthday parties...

Drew got a new bat from Grandma Cheryl and Granpa Jay...awesome!!! Batting cages here we come!!

So for Drew's birthday this year we rented a gymnastics facility for the afternoon and let the kids run wild. They loved it! They swung from ropes, jumped from balance beams onto huge mats 20 feet high, did the zip lines etc. etc. etc. I would venture a guess that they all went home sufficiently worn out. Great party!!

We also reaped the benefits of Adrienne's uncanny ability to win anything she sets her mind to from the radio stations. We enjoyed an afternoon at the monster trucks along with pit passes that allowed us to visit with the driver's before the show and see the trucks up close. Thanks Age!
I forgot my camera for the party with the Clymers but we all enjoyed a dinner out at Red Robin where Drew was gifted with a pogo stick that he LOVES! Good job Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Lance! I think our record stands at 200 jumps, but that might be out of date already. Darci and Paul gave us more legos, thanks alot. Just kidding, my kids love legos and won't stop until we have our own Lego land! We also got lots of cards and money from our out of town relatives which went right to California spending money, so he's looking forward to that. So thank you everyone!