Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where did the summer go?!

Well, the last month has been crazy to say the least and now the kids go back to school on Thursday. They are ready although they don't think so... I am ready to get back to my own school full time so I can finish up, too. Taylor just got his bottom braces on yesterday so he is in quite a bit of pain, poor guy. Drew has been cranky the last week or so but I think he's just ready to be back in school with an organized schedule and seeing all of his friends again.
A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend at the lake with Grandpa Jay's family doing a lot of skiing, fishing, eating, tubing, etc. all the best things in the world. Most of the family was able to make it out so that was good. We got some great shots of the kids on tubes so we'll get those posted soon.
Last week we went down to AZ for my grandma Bobbi's (mom's mom) family reunion. She was the baby of 13 so she has a huge family. They do a whole weekend of camping because that gives you a chance to see everyone you want to catch up with. The last number I heard was 275 people. WOW! This was the first time we were able to see baby Trent, Cam and Jen's baby. He was 5 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. Cam and Jen are wonderful parents and we were thrilled to see them and the baby. Casey and Brittny were also there with our adorable nephew Gavin. We got rain in the afternoons which equals mud so Gavin had a great time playing in the mud puddle with his daddy. Clint and Age drove down with their bunch along with my parents, so they had a full car! Our kids adore their cousins so they were happy as can be camping, fishing, and cliff diving (!) with them. We got lots of great pictures from our AZ road trip also that we'll post soon. So, our next post will most likely be back to school pictures, so stay tuned!